SCM Velocity


Supply Chain Velocity

Supply chain velocity refers to the speed at which activities within the supply chain are completed, as well as the speed at which orders move through the supply chain, from processing to arrival on the customer's doorstep.

Maintaining a high supply chain velocity has many benefits. Not only can increased supply chain velocity improve customer satisfaction, speeding up supply chain processes can also reduce shipping times and costs, create a better inventory tracking system, and make your operations more lean and cost-effective.

  • How we can help you increase your supply chain velocity using SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) software

  • Design recyclable, sustainable products - Connect systems, people, and processes with an end-toend digital thread to accelerate innovate.
  • Make agile, market-driven plans with supply chain visibility. collaboration, and intelligence.
  • Streamline manufacturing with artificial intelligence, IoT, and integration across the enterprise.
  • Run fast, efficient, and sustainable logistics and supply chain management processes.
  • Improve asset performance and reliability with intelligent enterprise asset management.

By using the right combination of technologies for your organization's specific needs, you can solve complex challenges and create innovative business outcomes.

With an integrated cloud portfolio of predictive analytics, automation, and IoT solutions, supply chains can thrive profitably and sustainably.


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